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solid tumour of the upper jaw, it does not follow that tlii*

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rhal Pneumonia, 43; Pyogenic Infections, 47; Colon-bacillus Infections,

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anterior portions of the cord are usually held close to the posterior

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treatment is certainly without doubt a specific in the truest sense

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for mechanical obstruction, adhesive inflammations, and ovarian

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Hospital, London, for fourteen years showed that the ratio was just 2 to 3.

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opposition to Senate Bill 119. However, these two latter bills were not con-

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use of soda-water must be restricted, and the habit of eating chalk,

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au II* Congr^s National de I^iterie. Bruxelles, 1902.

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confined in its localization to these particular parts of the body. I

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artery, the inferior thyroid artery, the middle and su-

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for the purposes of locomotion the association is a very close one. The

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fessional conduct against five accredited medical practitioners,,

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two children ; cotton saturated with the tears of a measles patient

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due to an excess of it. Many infants receive water only as they

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Acute tuberculous pericarditis is rarely a primary affection, and, as a rule,

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There was a case of hypernephoma, with the kidney almost

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and denuded of epithelium : the saliva scanty ; and the gums swollen and

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ness of the tongue. For a week previously he had suffered from pains in

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(1869 a).— Idem <J. d. vet. du midi, Toulouse, v. 22, p. 476.

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arsacetin are used. Internally the dose for adults is 0.05 grm.

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detachment weakens the woman and injures the powers

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would-be reformers, and cried as loud as any for such