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not strong enough to prevent sane persons from being wrongfully sent as lunatics
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attacks, — is well understood by the people at large throughout this rountry.
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scarlatine. M6d. mod.. Par., 1894, v, 1413-1415.— Hal-
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fact (whicli has been ascertained over and over again) that even
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absolute drought, lasting from 14 to 18 days, either in the second
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In addition to the above, it may be noted that morbid changes
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lirious excitement will subside as soon as a hot vapour
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that it is not dangerous in persons whose kidneys are slightly diseased, and that
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and producing Extreme Nasal Obstruction and Dullness
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little more urine from the bladder, which leaves them in
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I did not see her until about noon, two days afterwards. I found her with
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contained (mouse?) feces. (See Bulletin 35, Hygienic Laboratory,
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withdrawn from the wound and surrounded with gauze.
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tinguishing features are the peculiar ringing cough, paralysis
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fact (whicli has been ascertained over and over again) that even
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medium of communication between the brain and spinal marrow,
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