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fatal instances last more than two or three weeks, while they may be as brief

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shown graphically in Figure 2; of the 712 white females in Figure 3;

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August 1. — Peter is to-day readmitted on account of

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and hydi'ogen to the system. The experience of others

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necrosis, and which contains free hemorrhages and altered blood

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are acute and acrld.''^ (Elements of Medical Jurisprudence,

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were observed, with the exception of a pronounced ante-

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These nodes resolve in two or three weeks under appropriate treatment.

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scraped the remnants of it off with a sharp spoon. The l)leed-

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equal to or greater than that which accrues to a per-

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diately at the exiernal wound, and is thus evacuated. In twen-

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ders) explains the result by the influence arsenic exerts

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entering the service or going abroad. Constant opportuni .

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heart attends an extensive deposition of calcareous matter

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heart attends an extensive deposition of calcareous matter

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products. He did not think that in these cases the mere fact of rest

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those bodies which are judged by Koch and his disciples to differentiate

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Spider venom is also said to increase the coagulabihty of the

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Gentlemen : — There remain for consideration a few of the sys-

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putridity ; the vena cava still contained a moderate amount of blood ;

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sternal half of the right clavicle was found to be enlarged,

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'hese objections may be answered by pleading that under these circum-

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Drs. J. P. Harrison, of Cincinnati; A. Flint, of Buffalo; H. H.

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for merit, and covering by loud talk and bombast and plausible

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soundness, as is now furnished with the meat shipped to

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present time, in neither the former nor the latter' has a case

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March number of the Journal of Dental Research, and the subject

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In the same manner the various adulterations of milk are at once

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no tenderness. The liver and kidneys were not palpable. Ex-