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that the nerve remains anaesthetized for this period of time, but rather
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vesunie of those measures adopted in various countries
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the spleen attracted the attention of English observers but little. The
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Before describing the abnormalities of standing and gait produced by
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Similarly, any form of mental excitement or physical fatigue will usually
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case. In the former we acknowledged the sufficient cause of the
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Differential Diagnosis. — Among affections that must be differentiated
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bation is extended from two to six days : the patient complaining the mean-
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man change places with the son of a farm-servant, and earn his
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of which they will confer a direct benefit upon every in-
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CME, 200 First St, SW, Rochester, MN 55905. Phone: (507) 284-2509. FAX: (507) 284-0532.
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of the earliest cases, and located their dwellings upon
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insomnia of psychical excitement, of hysteria, of neurasthenia and over-
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is the result of a limited periostitis, there is no improbability in supposing
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diagnosis as any other special symptom. The chapters
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is the plasma cell from which they differ in being slightly larger,
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an auxiliary to the knife, and should always be at hand in severe
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that they are ruptured or become patulous upon the slightest efforts,
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'J'he antipyretic treatment of fever. Tr. Ass. Am. Physi-
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water containing 0.6 per cent, of salt, but they have been found in
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tility, a plan of investigation should be outlined to the couple
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it. These, which are the highest considerations of all, are
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ing the other symptoms, less frequent and somewhat laboured ; ordered
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Chronic Valvular Disease. — Here also the frequent association of the two
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color which chase each other over the face, may each
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sending in their MSS., without cost or trouble to themselves.
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rhagic infiltrations and oedema in the region of the peripheral lymph
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ugal pump is relatively atraumatic to blood, and it
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admitted that some hysterical patients did sham and exaggerate ; but so did
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tain, liowever, that no syjihilitic influence has yet been