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Julius Mickle,^^ in an elaborate paper on atypical brain-forms points
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Tubal dysmenorrhea is more common than ovarian dysmenor-
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Bilaterally symmetrical metazoa, with well-developed body cavity
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the antiphlogistic salts. To say that a remedy has a cooling
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is not unilateral ; it is accompanied with universal hyper-
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as late as the seventeenth. They are met with chiefly in young subjects,
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A New Treatment for Gonorrhoea is a booklet of some forty
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tion, except that it is on the right side. The apex beat
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ยง The mean temperature at Greenwich during the same week was 48-6".
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with the same dramatic result of an intense haemolysis and severe
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cocaine in three-quarters of an hour, and 8 centigrammes of eucaine
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perhaps she herself, will look to us for guidance in the matter. In such
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