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Isolation Hospital could not show a mortality rate for diphtheria

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the cavity widi a bichloride solution, I stopped the ether.

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It is the imperative duty of every surgeon and every

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scarlatinal angina, occasioned by a secondary streptococcic infection (Hirsch-

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tained in pleurisy with effusion^ while in parenchymatous nephritis the

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them In Colors. Second Edition. Cloth, Pp. 646. Price, $4.00 net

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the peculiar distribution of pellagra in these institutions on the basis

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choice, providing there is time to await its effect.

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fact, at the end of the first two years of his London career he

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cular disease of this nature is probably a cause as well as

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heretofore it has been customary for the Treasurer to submit

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enforcing the provisions of the quarantine laws and

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pital, Cavite, P. I., and ordered to the naval hospital,

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would be withdrawn as of the end of the year. Development of CMIC was continued 11 and by

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sions. It was cuboid in shape, a part lying beneath the gyrus

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may come to press directly upon the end of the instru-

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general application. Politics has many incompatibili-

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Causes. — From striking the knees against the manger while

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a blunt-pointed glass syringe. You pass something like an ounce into the vagina,