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had been guilty of an act of motiveless murder by poison, I

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which begins with a mononuclear or binuclear trophozoite, which may encyst

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proof that they recognize and fear the source of these salutary

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at the center of the individual cyst. Sometimes they appear

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After this, a third convulsion occurred about half an hour later, when another hypo-

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organs. These subjects have a high tolerance to carbohydrates. The sjti-

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fissure Avere all patent and normal in arrangement, size, and position.

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ments which abound in the newspapers. Although the medi-

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gives very little trouble. The important thing now is that everything^

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of these quantities, the income, can be estimated in terms of calories or

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discovered, with impaired power to extend the hand,

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rather marked for four months, but the exact time of onset was

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owing to their close proximity. This opinion was, however, soon

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resume of the bibliography of the subject, gives in the appendix the mode of,

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tion. While in the hospital the first time she was delivered of a

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that the organ could usually be fell while she stood

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of age, had been married at twenty-one, and shortly after the

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Western Territorial Division Association of Toronto. — A

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while, if carefully and properly performed, it does good

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consider this expansion as passive ; and I believe that the red globules

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'I from the effect of their previous ascendancy, I do not con-

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Dr. Finny said it seemed to be a very compound case,

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mesial surface of the superfrontal gyrus is of moderate

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croupy symptoms were comparatively rare. Mr West had never seen any

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there is some diversity of opinion as to the exact cause. An

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was .speedily drawn up, and immediately carried into effect. To

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Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Skin" and " Atlas of Skin Diseases."

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bacilli, were absent without leave, and on March 20, when the same organization was

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according to the type which it assumes. A modification of this

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On the whole, however, a degree of uniformity is maintained,

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When admitted into the hospital, he had constipated

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be borne in mind when we consider the physiologic, pathologic

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There is no connection between tuberculosis, either

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As a protection for the brain, the dura, owing to its smooth endo-

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ing 338 cases of gastric disease he found that in 192

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patients with chronic respiratory or circulatory disorders. In these affec-

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Others may have a progressively downhill course with

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