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lans interna, seventeen in the lamina ganglionaris, twenty-four in the lamina
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hesions was thought of, but not seriously considered.
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Thomas L. Adams was named secretary-general manager of the SMS in
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fibres of communication between the optic thalamus and corresponding
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honored theory that the spleen is the seat of malarial
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Eelation of spinous processes of vertebrœ to spinal nerves. After Malgaigne Traité (TAnatomie
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at all events one of Nature's main methods of ensuring racial ad-
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discussed the removal of all kinds of foreign bodies
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they had not even recommended him to their acquaintances : the
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but it is very seldom severe or prolonged, a reactionary fever following promptly
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in the presence of a functioning ventricular pacemaker, (2) patients with second-
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to run its courfe. I was fo fatisfied of this peculi-
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to be sufficient to render the organ anaemic, but not to occasion obstruc-
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fusion and mismanagement. Yet we have it in our power, in
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cause there had been considerable complaint that the College
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between the two; it affords a gentle and salutary stimulus to the
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cavity was considerably lessened, both by a general con-
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origin, unmistakable evidence of affection of both of these parts appears
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the Medical Officer thinks he can arl'ord to give them on his diminutive
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Resolved, That the action of the Governor in making this
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at night, good color vision is surely necessary. We have endeavored
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double vision, led to an ophthalmoscopic examination and the discovery of
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sonal experience in the treatment of seventy cases,
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bacterial development. The action was found to increase
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(3) the curdling of milk when incubated at about 37° C. Guinea-pigs
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feels much better every way. After the first motion a
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ment local. Bull. Hoe. frang. dedermat. et syph., Par., 1892,
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Hosp. 1896- 7, Wash., 1899, 622 - 645. — Cochran (.J.)
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of the affection, is followed by collapse which culminates in death.
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the three following points: 1. The immediate effects of the
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agar, the anode agar remaining free of agglutinin. The first cen-
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in which they are of appreciable benefit is in the treatment of acute boils.
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