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that " while the amount of fat in the diets of non-rachitic

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of medicine, surgery, and practical anatomy, as long as

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diet of vegetables and a moderate amount of milk. He has improved consider-

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preconceived notion of the practitioner, that the disease had its origin in

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subject, denies that the organs, while lying in the chest, can be so filled with

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As a result of these observations, it occurred to Koenig that

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In his first lecture, published on February 11th, 18C0,

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seized a razor and cut his own throat in an attempt at suicide. On another

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Montaigne on the medical effect of Imagination. 445.

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President: I will appoint Drs. Marks, Senn, and Dodge, of

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of the abdomen. For nine months she was treated for "in-

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During these years of preparatory study and work, not by

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bleeding continued, and she died in two hours. The cervix was found to be torn

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tion throughout the various metropolitan hospitals. Until this is effected, the

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elucidation alone that the true laws of cholera can be arrived at.

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eral, I*. S. Army, by the Medical Purveyor General, 1". s. Army, by the

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(1) Epignathus. — I have already dealt with Mr. Clifford White's

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I wish it further understood, that though no mention has been made of drugs, I

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20. Regularly continuous observation of the temperature during

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30 and 35 per cent, "too stout," from 35 to 50 per cent,