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reported in pediatric patients, however, the low usage
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Dr. Herbert A. Bruce, Toronto, presented this paper, whilst
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The absorption pipette D is filled to the mark E with a 20 per cent,
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of smallpox vaccination, immunization against diphtheria,
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end, not larger, as a rule, than No. 10 or 11 of our scale, and
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years. The age of the parents at then- death, as ascertained by
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be a true neurosis by origin and relationship. It tends to a marked
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name in brackets when quoted, and at tne end of each chapter a
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by the general public. Indiscriminate admission for treatment is out
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which uncertainty is likely to be obviated altogether \mder the
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tion of the one-story pavilion hospitals during our late war, and which have
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after No. 9 had passed two days previously I cannot
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been cured by thyreoidectomy. The chief points in the case were as
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the white cells may be much increased and the hemo-
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AaBOciaticMi held in Boston, June 5th — 8th, 1906 are published in full in the
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extract broth requires only about 15 seconds, allowing plenty of time
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being simply a stronger percussion -stroke, which, as I have already
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Symptoms. When both phrenic nerves are paralysed, there is com-
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leave off the use of morphine, as little or nothing-
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dilute solutions or small quantities are used the amount taken up
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should be added to their diet in the treatment of obesity.
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afterwards occurs, and finally these rudimentary bodies, becom-
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** Subsequently, my friend brought to me the anterior part of the body, prob-
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in a large dose, and repeated, if necessary, is one of
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Wood, M.D., on behalf of the profession of New York
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this by extracting the fixed oil while retaining the rubefacient
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Dr. A. H. Powers mentioned two cases that had come to his
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(2) It occurs constantly in the mucous secretion on the surface of the
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after the subsidence of this that the full effect of the treat-
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He was from time to time in various hospitals, but without any
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letting and other remedies, though it may possibly not add any
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study. From my experience, the number of instances of
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If Dr. Ewart's address helps us to a clearer understanding
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Dr. Michael Deren, Chairman of the Search Committee
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and accurate reasoning. No doubt all teachers strive to remedy