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third, desmo-bacteria or bacilli also rod-shaped, but lor.ger than the former ;

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the same conscientiousness and desire to do what was right

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through his devotion to the nude in art. The Professor secured a fifteen -

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the villi of the young placenta and the decidua serotina,

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include the oral cavity, especially the tonsils and the most impor-

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and afterwards counter-irritants of the severest character, even the

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ston, died October 11, 1949, at the age of fifty-eight.

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Permit me then, to offer, in concluding this note; the abstract of a re-

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the State Medical Society, he cannot be admitted to an ex-

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A convulsive seizure precedes the paralysis, and on recovery

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that of Paris and Dublin ; where consequently the number of

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is very desirable, when possible, to order its preparation with milk in-

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Bei der Einfuhr beschaupffichtigen Fleisches hat der Verffigungs-

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Afternoon, — Six ounces (180.0) of coffee or tea, with as much water. An

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Presidency, which was nicknamed ISTova Scotia. The king appointed

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a venture exactly in the line of modern scientific accuracy. It

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fle^h. Introduction of a stomach-tube was attended with

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showed no pulsation, but bled freely on being touched. Fol- |

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ment issued canned fruits and vegetables to the soldiers and

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tain a considerable column of the effusion in this region.

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tuberculous, and to the so-called tuberculous meningitis of children.