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"From a fresh agar culture of this organism, the Widal test

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ference to being treated privately at home. The recommenda-

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Moreover, when he first gets up from his seat, which he does very slowly,

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would lead one to suspect the accuracy of his observation ; but granting

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as levuretin. It may be given in coffee-spoon doses in milk or

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tions will be full of interest. Meanwhile, and in all humility, we

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Bnltation. The patient was an active business man, aged fifty six years.

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Du. Di iiitiNG said he would hesitate before attribut-

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intestines, especially depressed in the vicmity of the solitary

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tenth year, after which she had to be carried. At this date she could

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cises, care about the digestive functions — one of the prin-

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the important details of national life, but in the practice of

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advanced state of medical science, would be one of the

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de exostosis multiples. cien. med., Bue-

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of streptococci were protected against that strain. Since this time

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followed by strabismus and partial paralysis. Laryngeal spasm, of

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generally saving both mother and child. When the head is high up and

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he has not settled the question. Dr. McClintockf asserts, after

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by a morbid cause, is not real, but apparent, although incapaci-

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^H Lecturer on the Structure, Functions, and Diseases of the

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although there may be slight diminution of excitability to each current.

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nausea and vomiting, which follows upon surfeit after the offending sub-

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even Sanarelli; they found a microorganism similar to

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in the twenty-four hours.. The quantity is liable to considerable

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So far as I know, I know of no cardiac lesion which is so difficult

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the food of the boy and the food of the youth should be the same.

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1 I'l,,., 1 h.ui«lT,.t uiTc built l..rtui-iity-f..ur bccl>, but uf iir. .•<-

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This is a favourable sign, as it indicates the formation of plastic

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2nd London General Hospital during the early months of 1918.

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Figure 2 in the 1996 rate of death for babies led to

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directly on a slide, and is dried, fixed, and stained

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a mass of fusiform bacilli and spirals, the latter being almost pure in

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