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society. All such speculations cannot be too strictly excluded

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reUtiog to the anatomy and physiology of the Nervous System. Relations of the

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cian to the Bethesda Foundlings' Home; Member of the American

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the right of health ollicers to enforce the removal of patients suffering

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jury to the femoral vessels or brachial vessels high up, by

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valvular disease and dilatation, and yet not become anasarcous ; in other

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Case VII. — Christian K., white, forty-eight years

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of Ehrlich, or of Uskow, given by Dr. Thayer in this

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circumstances immediately involved in their production, but to the morbid

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December 28th, a resolution was adopted recording its

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picture of generalized lymphatic tuberculosis is obtained.


section, to leave merely a thin ring or wall of cord tissue. Sections of

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Localisation of the Faculty of Speech." Some extraordinary

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poles, or, rather, capable of being charged from two sides ; the one pole is connected by

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recent, the males predominate, and this excess of males naturally

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every three or four hours. As cautioned before it is ill advised to

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words and synon.vms ; sometimes he seems to amplify the sense, as

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negative results, showing that the trouble was not due to

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progress of tubercular lupus, the tubercles not unfrequently become

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larged glands had been reduced, a few could still be felt.

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■Hamburger, R.: Deutsch. med. Wchnschr., 1914, xl, 769.

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students in connection with Anderson's College Dispensary,

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its carbon and hydrogen are given off as carbouic acid, and \<rater.

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popular reliance on this force, expressed in the com-

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Hypertension The most frequent clinical adverse experiences in controlled trials were headache (5.2%), dizziness

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ment in Gynecology — Consecutive Pregnancies, — Dr.

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Send for copy of By-laws and Monthly Bulletin. These lists will be furnished

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ity of cases the distinction can be drawn. In simple glandular hyper-

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On motion of Dr. Worcester, a vote of thanks was given to Presi-

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occurred to the extent of l^ inches, in one 1| inches,

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the most part developed in and through the muscles, pnncipally, as

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