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mobility of the pupils, and paralysis of the ocular muscles (most frequently
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and technique of gas analysis as applied to liquids and gases. Spring, Barron, Eichel-
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In the spastic form the action of the anode on the sympathetic is especially
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the trouble, to prescribe a thorough "rest cure," with isolation, massage,
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with complete files of the leading periodicals. Students may obtain
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cardiac disturbance, indicated by a rapid pulse, palpitation, intermission of
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[A distinction may well be made between facial and other forms of spasm
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.{$er1ed1«s!1y as rei^lfed. Ttm veterfnaHin idm a^iilsUfs or as^torlxes tSm lanunlKatidn
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which *' Bottomley's Dynamics" (Collins' series) may serve as text
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of different authors are still contradictory. According to my own observa-
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or sometimes mute in response to a delusion. With all this there is little or
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are r^lred to 1n»ir« that wrect procedures are utilized and to provide
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in the lumbar cord are affected (see page 222). In an analogous fashion
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comes more indistinct, and there is difficulty in swallowing. If we examine
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The general symptoms indicate that a tumor of the brain exists; but, in
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examinandum, £5. License in Obstetric Science, £5.
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Sugars, Thomas William, a, w, sp, Everett, Wash. S.B. (State C. of Washington) '36.
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on Horse-shoeing." The following boohs of reference are recom-
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persons who have to do some severe and persistent bodily work, also in alco-
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the whole of which time the students have definite work assigned to
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Quarter in order to pursue the initial medical courses in proper sequence.
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The hospitals are two in number; one, the Lying-in Hospital, is for
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to correctly identify causative factors and recoBBend corrective actions.
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GBIFFITHS, Ph.D., KB.C.P.R New Edition, 18ma, Ss. 6d.
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ments, and Muscles, Physiology, Materia Medica, Chemistry (including
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the occipital lobe. L represents the left eye and R the right, Ch the optic
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of anomalies of motility and of the reflexes, and vasomotor disturbances, may
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meim wKlmMi Into tl» oMbtintlm} m dimm If liiiplwtod alnsst t ,
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HiaHaATB Small-poz and Yacgikation HosPiTAL.-*Medical
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tered, I say emphatically, this is the best examination to pass. It wiU
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Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, and Mineralogy.
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the prominence of its tendon (so-called tibialis phenomenon), .ensues. Some-
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include Diseases of the Nervous System, Pathological Anatomy,
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tween ataxia and paralysis. He showed that ataxics, who can no longer
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with head and shoulders raised ; and, secondly, we should endeavor to draw the
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5. Presence of defects, nujld, soft spots, and ^et rind. v
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^9. On contracts of less than 40«) cases, the Vehicle must be precocled •
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any specific book is allowed. Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner
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General Course and Prognosis of Neurasthenia. — The course of neuras-
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annually; at St. Luke's Hospital, with about 2,000 cases annually; at the Illinois