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flammatory, but dependent upon a constitutional blood-poisoning.
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the cutaneous stimulation produced, and (3) the gentle pressure on
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creosote. It is now possible to obtain pure guaiacol in the form of
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making any unusual exertion. These symptoms, however, soon
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tongue, salmon, and lobster, anchovy paste, 1-2 tablespoonfuls.
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of the disease, and when, all hope of prolonging life having ceased,
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feel cold, and should be urged to select carefully their outer garments
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cisterns in the upper storey for some months, and the consequent dry-
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ten drops of morphia sent her to sleep. He had given it also to a
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Having treated of the faculties of the mind which belong to man
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best given as a powder dissolved in a glass of carbonated water (being
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below), tendency to hemorrhages [particularly from cavities] (see be-
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and blisters, cauterizations in the lumbar regions, and hydropathy,
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a temporary glycosuria. The action of chloral is precisely that of
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attacks wooded parts ; and in Chutteesghur, in the central provinces,
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fered with by art. Nature cures only in certain circumstances and
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line. This part of the operation is arranged so that the point of
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condition then received more minute attention, and during the
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attended, and where cases of acute mania were brought in and
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and also for its at one time appearing to pass by infection from one
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was much alarmed, and was soon after, for the first time, affected
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nearly so, by the axis of the brim prolonged downwards ; it can be
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water, and drink in small quantities during the- day.
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to their treatment of cases should be removed. He therefore
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given I c.c. of "Bradley" virus it died of spotted fever in eight days.
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The following case is extremely interesting, as being a well-marked
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the snake-poison proved fatal to a full-grown dog in forty-three
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Public Health Act and the Police Act, and I believe even at
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are rapidly followed by pulmonary symptoms ; chiefly, however,
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Finally, palpitation may be caused by a general neurotic condition
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the surface of the cell rather than centralward. This area is sharply marked off from
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It would seem from these experiments that normal and immune
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later with flax-seed globuHn two died promptly with typical symp-
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quarter of an inch, firm bony anchylosis of the knee-joint has been
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abled. 3.50. — No sign of the poison taking effect ; the fowl hops
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W. R. Basham, M.D.,— Renal Diseases. glison, M.D., LL.D. Philadelphia, 1869.
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general ; but in these cases it acts on the whole surface of the body,
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is safe to avoid even these, and at the same time gradually approach the
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troversy is life, the coolness of Simpson's temper, his unrivalled
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from previous treatments, the chest may be rubbed (particularly if the
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presented a rather homogenous appearance, were quite refractive
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placenta, there must have been room to turn ; for it is not the mere