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gift to the college of $25,000 for the promotion of higher medical education and the advancement of med-

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the muscles of the tongue, lips, and other parts. We need not enter into detail,

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subject than in the case of those who enter for the entire examination.

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but its effect upon the joints is so characteristic that the arthritic disturbance

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and of the laryngeal muscles allows liquids to enter the nostrils or the larynx.

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Note: One-third of the class is necessarily assigned to each of the tbrce quarterly programs.

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regulations to be approved by the Provost and Senior Fellows.

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rate he was receiving in Class B at the time of transfer to Class A.

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and sometimes perhaps by inflammation of the medulla itself.

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Assistamt Medical Begistra/rs : Two students are elected every six

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(f) Shell color Is not a factor in quality determination,

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cases with the tendon reflexes. The increase of the tendon reflexes, and the

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Bolivia. — ^There is no restriction as to practice.

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He also has access to equipment which is provided for common use, such as centrifuges,

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assigned sections of the Student Text and then fill the answers to cuest^'o

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£10 10s. for first year ; for the second year, £10 10s. ; subsequently

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the examination will be limited to the following subjects : — ^The first

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