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cortex and the adrenal may easily produce tumors which possess closely
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been treated by large doses of thyroid extract. Since tiiere was no improve-
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tribute the result of his observations in aid of an
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have been studied more carefully than m any other form of renal infection.
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of postfebrile and of multiple neurotic skin gangrene.
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The extension of the affection to the muscles of respiration and deglutition
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this period, he observed a low diet, and his treat-
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Paktiai, Dissoi iatkin. ^In tlic typii-al case of paitial dissociation the
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in the fourth month, the foramen caecum of the tongue indicating its mouth.
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tion at body tcmp.'rature, throuiih which oxyiren is made to i>ass.
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epithelioid cells, and uninuclear and multinuclear giant cells. These various
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criticism may be made of the terms "parathymus" and "parathyroid" for
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room hetore the ol.seivations are h.'LMin, This precaution is especial!
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nearby focus of infection, such as an abscess cavity, by the blood or lymph
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The muscles may be tender on pressure, and in some cases definite areas
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changes produces the white or grayish color. If this kidney at the same time
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Whether urogenous or hsematogenous infections of the kidneys are most
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of one who is accustomed to it, and with all proper care of the patient, is
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the Northern Dispensari/, and to ihe Western Dispensary;
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urates as to indicate as close a relation etiologically as appears in the above
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prophesy too much. In the slowly advancing form the prognosis should