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that every disease has its remedy; that is, until it arrives at a

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again for a short period after the fluid is absorbed. With the increase

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the Chinese heart, the physician will open the door."

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common enough, and existed with and without icteric

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but the previous attack of appendicitis Avas found.

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sounds. He is ordered to rest and take three grains of quinine

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asylums where such insane prisoners are henceforth to be

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nature of the disease. These various circumstances may be

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In a week after the operation the patient was able to sit up,

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followed by ventral suspension. Convalescence uneventful;

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invariably, situated within the funnel formed by the recti muscles, and, like

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duce an important series of disturbances in the physiological processes of

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dened with too many covers. It is a mistake to make the

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Possessing undoubted nauseant, sedative and alterative properties,

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tioned, multiple tumors in the capsule of the kidneys and in the vessels.

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the bony portion of the acetabulum. The pelvic cavity had

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is very instructive. Several layers of stratified epithelium cover the

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change of the primary sore, or at a distance from the seat occupied by the latter.

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sions to its bowel origin, cut it off and suture the bowel. In some cases

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removed a clot of blood from the wound and then, "with

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not that their senseless teachings and perverted statistics are a stench

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K.B. — A full bibliograjjhy will be found appended to Gutzmann's Storungen der

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still the patient remained insensible. 1 left her, directing the black

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convinced that there were too many medical schools in the

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Thus, also, according to the fungous and animalcular theories of

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Symptoms. When both phrenic nerves are paralysed, there is com-

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a section presenting under the microscope a fibrous matrix infil-

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but many suppurate, especially if the ear is syringed. If the perfora-

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Allgemeines Krankenhaus at Vienna is as 63 to 37. Hence, if primary Bright's

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indeed, the food-supply is abundantly present and the tem-

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they must either be within his own knowledge or undisputed;

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right knee-jerk increased, temp. 97°, pulse 60. Operation: whole left

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bility in the Early Stages of General Paralysis, By Frank P.