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the right tunica vaginalis, evacuated the fluid, and

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causes a painful swelling. It extends from Senegal to Natal.

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abdomen fell in, the eyeballs became bloodshot, the

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Resistance exercises more immediately relieve the right

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cied himself dying of a liver complaint, was advised by

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of sulphuric acid excreted as sulphovinic acid in net a few cases

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dents. On being opened it was found to be a dermoid

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On making a more careful examination of the part, I

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with lung cancer, breast cancer, lymphomas, leukemias, and melanomas. There are five therapeutic

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Chemical Detection of Hemoglobin. The different deriva-

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Consequently, this large space between the dura and

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ceiematous appearance, the voice had become lessstridu-

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there was excruciating neuralgic pain throughout the whole body,

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period? I have lately had under my professional care

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of love or business, or other depressing factors, all will

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nodosities, and tumors of an indolent character, some of

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bv excision of the cyst in the antiseptic mode. The usuiu objection to this

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to struggle and get cyanotic, we could intubate. Then,

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a city. Detroit is well supplied with both. The city also is provided with

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any text-book authority for this statement. Clinical ex-

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knot pressing tightly on the artery. The blood from an artery

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it from regurgitating, and if the head continues any time in this

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the same means before cutting them. No ligatures were

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Deficiency of the urinary secretion is an indication for diuretic remedies

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name as using the article largely in diseases, I address you to know

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indebted to very recent investigators. It is, strictly speaking, an inflammation

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In reference to this question it should be mentioned that Dr. Mahomed

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and on rubbing, the folds of the cyst slip from the

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" Letters to a Young Physician," describes an affection underthe name,

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The statements as to the day of the disease are entirely from in-

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matory character will be distinguishable in the general derangement and

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who brought this method of illuminating the ear under the notice of

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instance of Tamier's, referred to by Dr. Hirst, in which the patient

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ber of literary tastes, moved that, "Viewing the Infirmary of

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affecting the cortex itself, it is otherwise when the lesions are of an

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tions ; degree of soil-humidity and depth of soil-saturation.