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coloration is seen especially in the areolar tissue, the serous membranes, and

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Under this head may be mentioned anorexia nervosa, dys-

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had remained cured, while the second had recontracted. For

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year : S. B. St John, M.D., Hartford, Conn., Presiaent ;

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the month of June, included two plates of roast -beef, the same

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far as Schaudinn's observations are concerned, if such a

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and dietetic treatment. The illustrations are numerous and

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especially in the fourth stomach, giving the disease very much

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to drive away diseases, to render the wearer invincible

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flattened or hollow surface in the place of the normal fullness.

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arise from one and the same disorder." Now what are meant by "state" and

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down as far as the level of the first sacral segment, showed a

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Sex and Age. — Both sexes are equally liable to plague. It is said