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Improper food or an unhealthy digestion give rise to disease by
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with the etiology of any disease more fully settled
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which is gradually and surely followed by total blind-
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On account of difiiculties of diagnosis it not infre-
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epileptic convulsions. In the first two stages. Lion
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His method was to place the positive pole in front of one mastoid process,
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Canal of the Neck of the L'terus. With one woodcut.
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After the next paper a discussion would be in order upon it and that read by Dr.
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In about ten minutes after the iidialation, the breathing became a little
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of the right lower extremity and apparent cure of the epilepsy.
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"plaster-mulls," under which many nodules, which apparently would
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however, during the course of the second transfusion,
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superior stump had atrophied and the lumen become occluded to within
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A measure to be insisted upon in pus cases is general irrigation.
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heroic doses of the drug, I have observed but two cases of hemoglobinuria
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that such services are professional. This is probably
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now determined to act on the experience thus gained, and
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«8senti^ oils, some of the oleo- or gum-resins, unmonia, or brandy in
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cavity. Beneath the left clavicle there was a gaping wound three-
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the lungs, and, in one of the cases, the lymphatics
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lated. From this comparison it appeared that the average age
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should be lost in ascertaining whether or not such is the case. Thus, whenever
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New York, NY 10016 « (212) 889-2210 » (800) 622-9010
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in the lungs cease to contain living glanders bacilli — a fact he has fully proved by
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physical signs. I showed him at another place a year ago,
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combined, per c. mm. of blood. When the lymphocytes are studied
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histories with what is passing now under our own eyes.
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