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York, invites the co-operation of every house-staff since 1850. It was

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berculosis. The essayist stated that, in his experience, the pulse

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The novel for the month is entitled : "A Real Daughter of the

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times referred to what is known in this city, and else-

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the oxide of zinc with linseed oil, and is applied by means of a brush.

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— a bronchial whiff; sHght dulness, becoming marked only late; and,

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students in connection with Anderson's College Dispensary,

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want? No hired nurse will have that ever present alertness that springs

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wounds it forms, in a short time, a firm scab, and the antiseptic is

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pathology, was in a very low state of development and

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helmet and catharsis; if in shock, then the routine treatment of shock.

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lemniscus held, the ectal end by fibres which begin to

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public appointment, such as a " Union District," would be considered a

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kidneys. Moreover, he felt better soon after starting it, than at any pre-

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applied nitrate of silver solution to the naso-pharyngeal

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5. It might be thought that three grains for an habitual dose were too small

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In the primary tuberculosis of children the lesion may be close to

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nosis; to be sure that he reduces the impaction and gets

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lations on the valves were extensively blended with

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sarcoma of tho ventricular septum, and Bassoe of Chicago found a

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to Dr. Sandilands for his care in preparing the paper. The prevalence of an

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There is one striking feature about cancer of the alimentary canal, and

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bevelled gears and the milled wheel for the hand, and

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as the parasite was known to hatch in the that for the first day the larvae are very

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stated that this should be made the subject of a separate

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delusions of electrical agencies, and confessed to past suicidal

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headache and occasional vomiting. If the case be a very malignant one

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being in conjunction with each of the large Polikliniks for

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other studying the phenomena themselves irrespective of the

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certain indication of the advisability of early operative inter-

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He complained of great soreness on the left side, in the trunk and limbs. The

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conscientiously keep them there no longer: and each of them

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brain, or the channel through which the influence of the will is im-

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upon as a bacterial group of several closely related races or

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finally becomes complete, peristaltic sounds entirely disappear. The

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*The figures designate the pages in the Pamphlet Laws of the Commonwealth.

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On asking him to hold out his arms at right angles to his body,

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me some opportunities of trying the differ- Withdrawal of the drug — the cause of the

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castellano, Salamanca, 1890, vii, 81-90.— Arniaignac (H.)

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solution is made by dissolving 1 gm. of powdered methylene blue

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