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ical science and the promotion of the interests of the whole
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mammae ; the difference is chiefly in their position as internal or external
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with the process. And a similar extension of eczema from a primary
effected either by cutting through the sphinctor ani with a knife
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finding many examples to support their view. It is clear
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various probable conditions. He discarded the possibility of functional derange-
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ies have ordinances to prevent this, but the^ constant presence of
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truest and highest impulses. —Echvard Bok, in the May Ladies'
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this association or consent of parts Delween the stomach and
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Diarrhoea may be caused by the application of cold to the sur-
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institution was held on May 28 and the reports show that this
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arance of thrush with patients in the later stages of any
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offensive odour. Sputum is copious, purulent, of a somewhat dirty yellow colour.
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The roentgen-ray is our most useful single diagnostic agent, not
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" 4. The distinction between simulation, purposive exaggeration, and
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with children. When the patient vomits, the head should be