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(8) Sez. — Males are more commonly attacked than females, the dis-
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testimony of more physicians than a year ago, has been obtained,
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disease causing death, was recorded, without any classification as to the disease. In
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tricle. Two old ha?raorrhage3 were discovered ; one in thft sub-
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joint. Eight of the writer's twelve cases were in the
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be interpreted on the basis of Weichardt's^^ theory of " omnicellular
there was a change, but in the former there was merely a disaggregation of
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Peritoneum. — Coils of intestine present a vivid red appear-
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it had not disappeared. The whole body was mapped out
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had been encouraged by the homoeopath, they said, to
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tlie bacilli, and in that way exert a baneful influence on the
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The peculiar coDdition of the bones, kuowii as Mollities Oisium, is so rarely met with
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sufficiently accurate results, tliough Denis does not consider it superior
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that so often follows the use of tbe Bromides given
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general arteriosclerosis that a discussion of any one of the three
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otomy was done preliminary to excising the larynx ; fortunately this was not
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ant in an illness, he should not become the physician
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against the calculations of the ordinary cook of the
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is no question that the presence of blood in the sputum, so
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prepayment plan embracing both hospitalization and pro-
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chronic obstruction of the large intestine. It has, however, also been
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tions and Duties of Officers serving in the Medical Department,
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1. Cholesteatomata are heteroplastic tumors and always occur as such
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Later Treatment. Baking and light massage may be used.
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exercise of the functions, this state is more certainly induced.
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Parke is in accordance with this view : it is for the judge to say whether the
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throwing it around and falling on it, and thus breaking his neck,
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tude of the profession, devoted themselves to carrying
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endothelial cells lining the arachnoid sheath of the optic nerve
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against the law by those affected as being class legislation, and much litigation in
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ments maintained the connection between the sympathe-
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any murmur was made out. In none of these eases was
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