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them, or is imaware that he is ill. On the other hand, there is a not incon-

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Ovariotomy in the latter cases often leads to a fatal result, so-called

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The parasites illustrated in this article were secured from two

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de dermat. et syph.. Par., 1899, x, 88-91. Also:

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ject : I. That the disease known as pachymeningitis

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Selenium. Symbol, Se. Eq. 39.75, old ; new, 79. Sp. gr. 4.32.

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Therefore it clearly follows that PEPTO-MANGAN (GUDE)

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slows and deepens the respiration and increases the gaseous inter-

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food, poisonous beverages, glandular secretions and purulent

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or such nourishment as is necessary to keep the tissues adequate-

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The more common form of the disease is u. febrilis. In it the appear-

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of the chlorine, the strength which M. Hermite holds to be sufficient for all

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one drop every two hours, seemed to aid in allaying nausea and to exert

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and altogether represent only one species — Trypanosoma

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to Eckman. Tr^'panosomiasis is engrossing a large proportion of the profes-

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that we may be the better qualified to meet our opponents with their

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Koran, which contains regulations for both the civil and religious

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