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As in the epileptiform convulsion, after the early tonic rigidity there may follow

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however, re-invented in 1816, by Recamier, (deceased in 1852,) and its

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showing precocious systoles, ventricular or auricu-

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organic compound containing phosphorus, the composi-

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history of protracted parturition, forceps delivery having been effected in

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covered drains to carry off the rain water and prevent pools.

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the bottom of which may not be entirely free from the growth. But

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Journal of Medicine and Pharmacy; and Birth of its Successor: Seasoning for

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cubator; it is manifested by the fact that the albumin gradually disappears from

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Transmission of Rales. Rales can also be heard by transmission at some

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at its entrance into 4. tumor mass on posterior suriace of stomach; 5. aorta; 6, inferior vena cava; 7, sapenor

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pulmonary congestion from contagious fevers, pneumonia and

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HIV-induced immunodeficiency. In the United States, infec-

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best methods indicated. His short article on " Brain

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ugal pump is relatively atraumatic to blood, and it

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ways prescribed. Its effects upon the system are generally prompt,

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provide a consistent standard which will determine the status of the

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jection of sterilized blood. Inflammation alone would

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injections seemed to me best adapted to the peculiarity of the

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It then beeuue temporarily arrested; hut subsequently took a &esh ataxt,

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operate to reduce the casualty rates of a corps as a whole far below

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Seventy-two cases showing an increase in pulse rate and a main-

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Bullet. Journal of the American Medical Association,

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men of the medical corps better opportunities for pro-

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rest, is a type of treatment that is specific in that it is used for a specific purpose

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The condition of the heart-nuiscle is a matter on which

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possible. He should confine himself to a milk diet — one-half to

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ye found on the buccal mucosa iu a large proportion of cases,

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receive as of scientific value from any source such inferences as these :

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denismus (German), Ulcere Phagedenique des Pays Chauds (French),

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Manufactured bj the Empire Manufactufing Co., 20 Spring St., Locliport, HI, U.S.*.

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of it after the bubble had burst and its inventor with it.

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and how much may be done by careful dieting and treatment

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tice to the medical student. I have made it a rule not to

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panophthalmitis and finally lead to destruction of the eyeball. These