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Occasionally potassium iodid exerts a curative influence. Five or 10

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1 Read by invitation before the Section on Obstetrics, New York

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An examination of the nares will usually demonstrate the origin of the

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intrauterine applications, without the slightest benefit.

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L'Union M^dicale. Nos. 150 to lot;, 1874, and 1 to 27, 1875.

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have not been proved to exist in the spermatic secretions of the individuals,

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source and the anastomosis between the prosthesis and the patient.

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ness of the cartilages of the Larynx, and they are painful if pressed

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and 2 parts distilled water for five to fifteen minutes; then proceed as above. If the

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all fresh supply of blood ceases, while diluents assist the liver, skin,