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tion of the alimentary tract to the processes of digestion and absorp-

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It seems evident that the initial increase of urea in the blood is due to

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diet in general are not advisable, owing to the necessities for

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The Druggist's General Eeceipt Book. Eighth Edition. By

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sent at the termination of that time. Nor were any of the sym-

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included nonfatal and fatal strokes, cardiovascular and

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agement of the disease and also the measures applicable to

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Dr. Buckingham referred to the phlebitis of the left upper extremity

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have the package neat and attractive. While any bottle or paper

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ROBBINS F. Lilly, M.D., to Mrs. Bessie'Baxter Volk, both of

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nausea and vomiting, which follows upon surfeit after the offending sub-

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of Washington, D. C, read a paper on this subject, it

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In rare cases it is prolonged to fifteen, eighteen, or

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operation in order to obtain the desired relief. The pa-

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secreting cells, being the largest when the pressure on the sides

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the estimation of those who are thorough students and practi-

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addition to this give Brandy in 2 to 4 ounce doses with milk and

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structures ultimately become involved. In cases of tuberculosis of the epi-

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for six months. In February, 1910, she was again operated on in the

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diarrhea three years ; recently had passed much pus, blood and

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diarrhoea in Ceylon together with other intestinal protozoa— e.g..

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diet should be nutritious, but easily assimilable; rich food must

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a powerful influence on the position of the foetus.

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plaster is frequently of much service. In children I advocate a mild

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to make an impression upon any centre of the brain closely

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Tyo — Mere relaxation will produce the symptoms complained of. A.