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external genitalia were normal, but the pubic region was bare

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by the same author, published in 1 881, in Wood's Library of

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council of ministers in the name of the French Rejiublic.

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an essential condition ; auxiliary causes which exist especially in cities

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chronic pneumonia. (See p. 632.) Such cases may have any of or all

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increase beyond that associated with NVAF alone. Hy-

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be got rid of. For the condition itself, hot baths with cold douching will

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roentgenological interpretation: electrocardiographic interpretation: dermatology and

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Ax author who, for twenty-three years, has honourably devoted himself to the

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Phila. Co. M. Soc. 1881-2, Phila., 1882, iv, 181. — Kcid (T.)

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Grisolle, in his " Pathologie Interne,^' describes dysentery as a disease charac-

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Dr. Banks on Hypertrophy of the Heart, and Adherent Peri-

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it was the practice of some to tie the veins and arteries, when

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reckless style of operating, which tends greatly to retard the science, the art,

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