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George L. Oumey, M.I>., Medical School of Maine, Bruns-
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Adapting to the Stark II Anti-Referral Ban: A Practical
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to locate in that region. When erysipelas prevails in hospitals,
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and was a medical referee under the Workmen's Compensation
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Resolved^ that the State Medical Aaeoeiatioo be aaked by this SooietJ)r
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on the Use of Salophen and Lycetol " by Dr. Paul Norwood of
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room. The newer houses are of much better construction. Figure 1
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assistant and acting superintendent in 1853, when only
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(2) A chemical effect set up by the toxins produced by the dysentery
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There was one other area of discussion that your Reference
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tinued. On the 13th August, the patient was removed from the Fort to
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cent, of iodide of potassium is added, and the mixture is sterilized.
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A careful perusal of his volumes enables us to give
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tion, not by it, but in spite of it." (Surgery, p. 198).