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of adherent omentum protruding through a little defect

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and exclude all fat, 600 grams — or i^ pound — of starch

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Our findings have educational implications for practicing

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In this connection I recall the circmnstance of a dis-

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a cartridge full of this antiseptic powder; that he should have wrapped round

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drawings of several of them, which had been made with his

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treated for localized prostate cancer. JAMA 1995; 273:129-35.

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This is the Aqua Creasoti or creasote water of the U. S.

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logical, since long before any alteration is observable in form

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graduated from the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, Phila-

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shows how well the larynx in a tuberculous subject will get on if only it is left

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the money or property is left : no will can be valid when these two

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or an accumulation of pus situated beneath the diaphragm are fluid

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sion was rela.xed in the least the bleeding was furious.

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chronic, running on for years. If there has been much suppuration,

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MTeral years, died after a long illness at his home in that

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xxvii, 385-414. — Kiiault (A.) Note sur un signe de la

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and pediatric literature. Previous reports in this country have

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in the right place. He spoke of the facilities given

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of this sort, I well remember, occurred under the care of Mr.

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great superiority of Dr. Silvester's over Dr. Marshall Hall's "ready

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attempt to demonstrate statistically such an accord by tabulating the percentage

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suction pump is applied, and the water is drawn up. As the

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flat sound. Under the treatment employed, the accumulated

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examined there was a loss amounting to 5'2"5 per cent, in the sixth

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in the irritation of the gastro-intestinal mucous surface, propagated by a

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corporeal, and is attached to the muscularis by looser tissue ; it does

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patients prefer the small amount of discomfort occasioned by minor mani-

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In a second case the patient made an uneventful recovery