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the lungs. Death is seldom due to impaction of a morsel of food in the
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too many cases death eventually by the delirium and the exhaustion of a
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We should, however, remember that, in contradistinction to this
ficial anus) has been suggested. Van Hook (43) records one recovery
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position as to appeal to the blood-vessels of a vascular membrane rather
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happen that there shall be no discharge, and stuffiness be the only sign
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vigorous adult age greater and better work will be obtained from them,
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to the absorption of more poison, as in cases in which putrefying organic
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flat side of this part of the spring into more complete correspondence
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to take on its epidemic character on a soil which is porous, more or less
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is smaller. The late Dr. Scharrenbroich, in a carefully-written work on
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by external sensation. In the first it is from consciousness observing
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microbes can be taken up in a living condition. Thus, if the Vibrio
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The possibility of overlooking the severer underlying condition, and re-
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an actual secretion of the organisms. For example, in the case of the
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power of thf! comma bacillus. The stei'ilo products of choleraic cultures
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the private practice of the late Dr. Fuller. The patient, a young man, convalescent at
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The board is as low, if not lower, than in any other village in the State. Additional informatioB,
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the world." Oh, it was because he has the largest brain in the world ;
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for such intracellular developinent, V)ut never have I seen the slightest
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possession of a cranium which struck him as an extraordinary one, and
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injury from being associated with vascular changes. The blood in these
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no exaggerated statement ; the history of obstetrics is full of accounts
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sliding loop, through which pass Hie spring and cover. Before, it is