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periosteal Excision of the Elbow. (Gaz. Med. de Lyon, Dec. 15
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Aneurttmi of the Heart, — ^In a large work on this subject. Dr. N.
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to induce her to commit another and greater, or shall we seek to offer an induce-
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cannot be overthrown, we may be pardoned for asking why people will longer con-
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breed, in proportion as this calf partakes of the nature and physical characters of
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during sleep. Dr. Levick quotes five cases of chorea, oopibined with pregnancy,
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pointed out this coincidence, although the common syphilitic
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ferred. Therefore, the maximum rise in hemoglobin which could
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in any case are kept up, the best chances of increasing the carbo-
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tolerance was as low as 50 gm. protein, 5 gm. carbohydrate, and
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how favorably situated is the town: its protection from the
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against this that some substances decompose when heated into other
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should this show signs of growing worse during the first week of
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longer. Let our children be encouraged in their natural desires, and schools of
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carelessly introduced. In the store, for instance, where corn is binned up, it becomes
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the country places of our land — which is always larger than the out-goers to the
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five times its bulk of powdered glass, and heated in the usual way.
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even if one lung be entirely gone, the person can enjoy good health. And from
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after the operation of subcutaneous injection, it must be inferred
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There ia a singularity inected v.iili the manifestations of hereditary pulmonary
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the thicker stains of strychnine and morphine, in which, be it recol-
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average less-advanced age.) Four of the author*s observations were
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in which rainfalls, and humidity of the air : the last, as indi«
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and found to contain pus. The inoculations of vaccine were con-
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turned towards the cavity of the intestine, was wide open, whilst
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From him, it is asserted, the disease spread to the town, and thence
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mented spot above the right clavicle, the generalized pigmenta-
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of the other is from time to time confused ; and that a number of
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tion to the medical officers for extra service under the cholera
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symptoms at present are not severe, I would say that this
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Everywhere the chemistry is excellent — the symptomatolc^
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mal condition. The great variation which is found even in
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I SHALL first show you 2 patients and then discuss with you
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cava, or the heart itself — the vasa efferentia as well as the
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ing down, sitting, walking or laboring, care should be taken not to derange the
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the twelfth day the ping was removed, when about half an
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omental adhesions " (a chief cause of embarrassment, if not of occa-
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ordinary temperature are equal to about a pint, it appears that a man in good health
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Often appear very numerously upon the person, and over any part of the body.
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