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dic. d. Cong. d. Ass. oftal. itah 189.5, Pavia, 1896, xiv, 275-
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said that in pernicious fevers the number of parasites is usually great,
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divide fees,- pay commissions, etc., but who will make direct overtures
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have gotten up and supported this establishment. It would seem they
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cavity. A fold of the anterior wall of the stomach as near to the
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Street. There were four severer cases of cholera subsequently in the
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more than one or two inches of the tube are implicated, but cases have
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and not to any thickening of the tissue of the broad liga-
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The other 50 per cent showed a growth of the graft which appeared
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gress," by F. X. Dercum, of Philadelphia, Pa.; "The
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much clemency to the offending organ in making a simple
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The previous requirement had been one year of Latin, instead
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all over the body, snuffles will api^ear, and the child will b^in to
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five years, and that a larger proportion of fatal cases are in the first
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' F. Parkes Weber, " The Occurrence of Clubbed Fingers in Healthy Persons as a Familial
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to which will be referred these communications will be Dr. Wingate,
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by the current of blood. Generally these are from the left cavities of the
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Feasibility of Removing it by Surgical Operation. —
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Joseph M., aged twenty, small in stature, was treated through
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co-incident with and dependent upon ordinary use of the foot. The
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the acute obstructions inasmuch as they are, during a
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What is called ammoniacal decomposition of urine may
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3. Founder. — A good remedy if the trouble is caused by too
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reported. As to the cause in that case, I should say, that while
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this tendency will prove a permanent feature in the administration of
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tumour with a trochar, and to evacuate its contents in this way.
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reflex. The character of the vomiting varies at different stages. At
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couraged by Dr. Abbe's results. Once he had attempted to dis-
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When the cells have atrophied, and the canaliculi are obliterated, re-
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Autogenous Vaccines. All vaccines were prepared so that 1 cc
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marked biological characteristics. In many blooded animals as part and parcel of the
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dition. The injury causes a laceration of the gland. This is
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purposes cabbage may be assumed to represent the type of
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the toe-nails closely trimmed, so as to prevent the cutting of the socks.
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Professor Goodell, of Philadelphia, in a recent lecture,
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the popular and erroneous belief that either would rather go
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duction of its notes seem to be an easy task, from all
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potassa alone, dissolved in S3'rup of gum and water.^