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benzo peroxide or benzoyl acetyl peroxide, itself possesses no oxidizing action.

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uterus. The child was readily extracted in the usual

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was lifted on to the operating table without returning to consciousness.

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cesophagoscope, and had found it generally possible to remove

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new-formed collateral branches of the systemic circulation, and may

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Taylor says : — "In the vast majority of cases, operative

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consequences of this are many, including all participants,

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may be required in this direction there will be found ample

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healed. He returned soon after for further treatment,

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However the views of authorities may conflict as to special forms of

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remission in the symptoms which bloodletting usually causes. A

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cavity was soon opened ; and the cyst showed plainly,

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The Diagnosis, Pathology, and Treatment of the Diseases of

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1,000 families, the whole number of cases being 2,170,

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on account of the meagre facilities furnished l)y the microscopes

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iny. Ill offering the collection to the association, Ur. HolineH Haid:

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daily practice have been attributed to neurasthenia are

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occasion is a memorable one, to which I trust you will lookback

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tives, and, occasionally, diaphoretic medicines. The oxyde of

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that the percentage would be larger still if a complete inquiry

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color which chase each other over the face, may each

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31s/. Pulse 128; respirations 36; temperature 101° Fahr.; there is

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the hands, are apt to be misleading, for often a child with

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souutl can 1)c heard. In other cases a systolic bruit is developed, which no

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have confined their observations to the effects of alcohol on the nervous

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the adhesions with the galvano-cautery, but the ulceration pro-

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functions as soon as possible. Excluding all forms of foot

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also under the supervision of the same medical board.

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purpose, in intestinal peritonitis, the peristaltic movements of the

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U.S. Army, about cold-water detergents, D&T Section provided a comprehensive

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Warfield, Mary Cabell, Blowing Rock; Woman's Med., Phila.,

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storage at multiple points, and issue to units and in-

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Rrgiiniilt (F.) Exaggeration as an sesthetic factor.

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nomically administered, and that the peo- on the tubercle bacillus, the author con-

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moglobinuric fever. Syst. Med. (Allbutt), N. Y. & Loud.,

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auditory word-centre is either non-existent or possessed of no functional