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electricity. Although these cases also terminated favor-

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any part of the heart's region ; action of heart regular ; im-

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Strauser, Emory Ross, s, Plainneld, Iowa. S.B. (U. of Iowa) '25.

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are noted. Suprapubic pain is by far the commonest type of pain

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the only results to be hoped for from treatment are palliation of suffering and

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years old, suflers from arteriosclerosis with compensatory

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Regulatory decision taken by the Occupational Safety and

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often succeed chronic inflammation of the nose. Laryn-

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the form appears altered, and that it is reaUy altered may be proved by

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expected to kill 1,000.000 typhoid bacilli, 50,000,000 paratyphoid

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taken early enough in the course of the disease, round pneu-

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vascular distention. It is characterized by disorganization,

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the hyperemic area and similarly treated. He also found that if

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six patients were women). Heretofore swelling of the

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it causes, sometimes, when given in small doses, by the intense enteritis which it

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therefore, upon the size of the heart, and the influence of the pulmonary overlapping

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strongly developed ; if the action of the heart be re-

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good deal of interest. I was almost expecting to see those strange,

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These indications may be met as follows : The pain may be relieved

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139 times in 430 patients (Briquet). Hemiplegia and paraplegia are the

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of Drs. George E. de Schweinitz, W. Easterly Ashton and

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In the chronic hydrocephalus of children, however, we so easily recognise

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gangrfine delafaceau dediu d une tevre typhoide; n6-

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in tliis kingdom \ and Dr Willan acknowledges with Willis, that

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this form of fever, is the moment for affusion. Seat the patient in a

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truth in any case is to study that case upon its merits; to understand the

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recognize such as kidney epithelium casts or malignant elements. An

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Thinking it possible that these might be somelbing analogous

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ship companies concerning the importation of small-

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of a cycloplegic has been tried in a large number of

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ing, cough, roaring, dyspncea, inhalation of food, parotid swelling, glandu-

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Dietet. Gaz., N. Y. & Phila., "1889 -90, v, 4.— Woodbury

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Divine Being, and supports his arguments most ingeniously

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Ethyl-chloride — Exalgin — Gelsemium — Glyco-