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recurrent nerve will cause direct unilateral palsy of the larnyx, but not bilate-
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place rapidly and cf)mpletely. The disease may continue and become chronic,
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da 3 j ; glycerine pure, 3 ij- Misce. Eitiier of these to be
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alive, or were a few weeks ago, save one — all of the op-
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and the patient, although accused of having had a fall
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noma is so common as to be regarded as more than acci-
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Syphilitic Necrosis of the Inferior Maxilla.— Creutz i
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strictures of even large calibre in which it was humanitarian
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which the experiences of so many generations and so many sick
the deputy-coroner, and many of those present declared posi-
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affected, and from those exposed. Persons who have been on
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ship that they might all be elected on a single ballot ; referred caus-
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found in the stomach of the horse, where they cause
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all the usual symptoms of acute mania, with its incoherence of
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may be of determining influence in the quantitative relations of the dif-
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evils of quackery became, however, more and more apparent, and the
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We can, however, for Great Britain, compare the statistics
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nervous disturbances are added catarrhal symptoms, as coryza, sore
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their mildness. The eruption is much alike in these
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seat of the obstruction is in the lower part of the large intestine. Of the
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Surgical Experiences in France. By William Jason Mister,
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tion of patients, should insist, if it be possible, upon
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It is , evident from the position of the organs that the
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the contrary, says it occurs in mares only, and for this reason
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Properties. — A white, light, amorphous powder ; odorless
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laying on of adipose tissue. These considerations occurred to the author in
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Medical Corps (258) is more than one half of its total casualties
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sinuses consecutive to ear disease may be accompanied by optic neuritis.
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year) cholera was still general in the eastern epidemic area, univer-
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movement until about the middle of the eighth month, when the child
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thought that the cases were exceedingly few in which
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affected side ceases entirely to functionate. Therefore, it is not
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soon acquired a high content of chicken hemolysins and hemagglutinins it had
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tricle is transmitted through the lung into the left auricle. The effect
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pens what was inevitable, the medicine does no good ; it does
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and-mouth disease has not as yet been discovered. For treatment the reader
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small (liamcli i . These piojcit to substantia gelatinosa (S(.) and the main secondary afferent
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LICE. — Take dust from the road and wood ashes, about
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protect liim against syphilitic or other infection. In clinical
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114. — Visser (B. P.) Gescliiedkundig oveizicht van de
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diffusion of effluvia may be so carried on as not to cause offence
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second sounds were due to the rebound of the valve.
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But the most interesting fact discovered by my experi-
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central connection of the ner\-e or nerves to which the pain is referred.