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The City Hospital.— Dr. James P. Tuttlo has been ap-

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cases in which several bones are involved the reseml)laiice to rheumatism

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9. Obstinate cellulitic deposits were removed by the constant

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104° or 105°, as occurs in the so-called pleuritis acutissima.

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condition by the use of digitalis. It will be seen that in both

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that in some cases the mode of extension is more direct. In those cases

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and Ascaris vermicularis. None of these are very common in Edin-

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county among immigrants, one of which is in the last

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the hydro-mineral treatment when they have been sup-

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delay. We hope, that they will, in due time, be given, with liberal interest.

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evidence, there were two straight incised (?) wounds, apparently caused by a

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seat the right ventricle. The clinical symptoms have been about the

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petrissage will at flrst cause them to increase in size and new

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open up to us not only the possibility of understand-

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examination of all the features of each case, and on a

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particularly over the region of the appendix. He stated that he

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tion of the joint which it controls, and the leverage of each of the ends of each

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Adams of Dublin. ^ By Dr. Haygarth it was called " nodosity

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bone, the forceps is closed, the catch sprung tightly, and

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contention is at present unsupported by scientific e\-idence, and the

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to, not only in dysentery, but in all forms of intestinal disease. In

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death. Peritoneal effusion occurs in about the same projjortion of cases,

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Diagnosis was at once made of flu id in the left pleural cav-

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(2), it involves no pain ; (3), it requires, in most cases, no suspen-

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third, desmo-bacteria or bacilli also rod-shaped, but lor.ger than the former ;