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of the mucous membrane of the stomach is exceedingly rare, except as the result

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by dizziness, and they complain of tasting the nauseous compound in their

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were examined, when a large ulcer was found on the right nipple, from

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ence, and this was confirmed by several of the medk^al men of tbe day,

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Syphilis consists microscopically of numbers of small, round cells, some

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substituted for the mucilage renders the mass more difficult of rolling,

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^ (1) Bladde7'-massage through the 2)firietes of the abdomen is given usually in

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They are likewise an agreeable bitter, and, upon that account, good to

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ceiling. Now if so slight a circumstance can produce a cerebral affec-

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extract of stramonium, and also to protect the eye by wearing over it a

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calculi, being a part of the number obtained on a post-mortem inspec-

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acters distinguishing from tubercle bacilli and from other acid- fast organisms.

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