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in thickness in some cases. Cases of Norwegian itch are of long standing,

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tor seizmg prey. 3-6. Four pairs of seven-jointed walking legs.

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1862. when Dr. Geo. Burrows was President. The second was in

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own clothes or tie his own boots. In som.e cases, children whose

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local undertaker, stated that he had never seen such a condi-

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nary tissue. Were this so, it might perhaps often happen, that

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ship, and especially to fast riding, a proverb of theirs says :

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cannula in tracheotomized patients, after the passage has been en-

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symptoms of inflammation. There is very little destruc-

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produced, and this stenosis may be the cause of death. Syphilitic ulcers are

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achieved in the treatment of cases ordinarily regarded as incur-

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out of the " Memorandum on Wounds " which was published towards the end

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in similar constitutions, each well marked case of disease, will present characteristios as

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a miscarriage; married seven years; she menstruated

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the disintegrative effect of wrongdoing is recognised, and that it is trans-

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Dr. Andrew Sargent, Hopkinsville : I feel that I have no apology to

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Under all conditions a stenosing bronchitis is always present in

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purpose of feeding became subservient to the search for a food

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Tiger Libj. — Dr. Jekkiues VVvma.v read the following report of a case

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would have seemed strange or trivial. For, consider how few

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more were wanting, as to the direct causes of this compara-

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reliable. It was, therefore, sujjgested to us by l*rofessor Noel Paton