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the sac and nasal canal, for it happens with many persons that a
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It is sometimes latent and found only at the necropsy; in other cases it
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weakness, pallor, high remittent or intermittent fever, and
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175 ; Merrill, ibid., vol. viii, p. 161 ; Niekles, "Cin. Clin.," July 22, 1876,
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that he had under observation a medical man, the sub-
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Colorless stools may occur independently of any disease of the liver or
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after No. 9 had passed two days previously I cannot
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lerian duct : called a&o Ovarium masculinum and
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duced must be noted. Well diluted spirits will be found most serviceable.
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charose. Cushing's studies, which were made wdth the view of test-
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the German soldiers were not only less frequently and less severely
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pal authorities of Halifax, N. S., have designated Law-
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and the latest to disappear in the involution of the glands.
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profession must realize that their duties have been very
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the Transactions, and shall furnish each delegate with a
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them with the most reasonable and salutary Maxims of
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might be mentioned, but these are the most important.
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cases without the injections, and with 25% of deaths; from 1880 to
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6 grains in the twenty-four hours, no intoxication oc-
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up but has remained as a foreign body and set up fibrous change, the
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He has been able to lie upon the left, side or back for but a few
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I have not once given quinine, and so far as I have seen, it
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The outlook in these cases depends on the gravity of the
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rid of decomposable intestinal contents. Combined gastric lavage and hi^
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fants can hardly be recognized. The French ^ult cases, to deliver the children or to
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weeks spent in a fool's paradise the medical attend-
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culous wounds. The safest measure for preventing con-
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quently attended the meetings of the same; also that
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cular force ; if, afterwards, relief is not decided or permanent,
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ated rabbits' blood, and soon after that many other trypanosomes can
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appeal of the Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio Railway