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or four hours for a one-year-old child, should be given

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"hysterical mutism." These cases are now commonly known by that

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days later the patient was re-examined and showed a capacious

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which Riedel's process is crossed by the adherent intes-

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diathesis may be the result of profound anaemia. Atrophy of different organs

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Fees: AAP Resident Fellow, Candidate Fellow and Allied

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The above measures alone have resulted in the complete cure of

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died about 12 hours later. This was undoubtedly multiple infarcts developed

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is due to the introduction into them of bacteria. It is hardly

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fluence in controlling haemorrhage. Pain may demand

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very bulk and weight of the swelling produce, indeed, much in-

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every useful remedy is subject to the same charge, and that in the long

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excursion, Aug. 13, was instantly killed by lightning. Dr. Babcock was

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* Von Troltsch, quoted by McBride, Disease of Ear, etc.

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phosphaturia. The treatment of this malady is very com-

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membrane is congested and swollen and its epithelium destroyed, so

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that the pain in angina pectoris is due to a simple hyperemia of the spinal sen-

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substance, which, from imbibition of blood colouring matter, had become

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As to the part played by the leucocytes, it appears that

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conditions. After the thrombus has formed little can be done

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Treatment :— The symptoms readilysuggest the indications to be

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shall be based upon mental, moral and physical fitness for the position,

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(a) The disease manifest itself from May first, that ground-itch is infectious, and

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