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trophy with dilatation of the left ventricle, and the aortic valves

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have been in contact with sufferers. There is evidence to show that it

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Proceedings of the Academv of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, April and

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himself, he was suddenly faint, but on lying down and by the use of

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the nervous system, and putting the general health on a solid

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lyzed in both arms; when at last she lost the power of standing on

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been general surgeon and associate director for re-

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the roots in the throat or back part of the mouth, where it is held in

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barberry. The filaments possess a remarkable degree

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fingers; and as I could not easily introduce my hand

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also present here and there on the feet. Large numbers of

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in the earlier stages than hypersesthesia. Killiet and Barthez look upon

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incapable of affording any su[)p()rt. Its being removed, which is

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tion and renal function tests during therapy, particularly tor patients with impaired renal function.

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his conspicuous services in the cause of preventive

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to the patient, and also because they may then be due to some irritation of

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mand that quarantine be taken out of the hands of the

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Rrgiiniilt (F.) Exaggeration as an sesthetic factor.

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no sequel referable to the serum excepting recovery.

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sults of the treatment of burns by provocatives, or remedies tiiat provoke

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resembling measles with fever and swelling of the cervical lymphatic glands

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corresponding to that disease. It is not simply local irrita-