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Treatment. — There is no treatment which aflFects the course of the

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'J. The \ciit rieular complexes i<^-!i-S-T \av<'s^ occur in irreirular so-

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general ill health, so that the patient may come in good physical condition

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mIii(;|'iiiiis (10 lo I'l |iiiuiiiis) uitliin a iia\ nr Iwu willmiit the appear-

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litating against an opinion which is even generally

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often red at the edges. Use of the eyes causes weariness. Lacrimation

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as medicated baths and local iodine treatment. Paget, Rolleston, and others

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extrasystole. Sometimes the extrasystole occurs at a certain phase of

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niiairc of a sti-nii'^' liirlit plai-cil at sonii- ilist;iiii'i' t'lnin it is t'ocnsnl on tin'

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ilie arterial e msti-ielion. llu' hlooil pressure falls to the d,in<j:<'roiis slioek

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disease almost exactly in its clinical course. The tumors may be very large,

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of the causes of that condition, and the course. It is important to remember

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102, true coitre hearts, he would assign to the group of Graves' disease. In

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(•(Uisideralile interest oii account of the \arious aiiplicati<nis which can

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■lie uriniferous tubules add to Ibis lluid the various organic and inor-

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in such situation, the baneful qualities of miasmata

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mation of the fatty capsule, and paranephritis, of the retroperitoneal fat

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Nosebleed is very common, and when not clearly explicable on other

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throughout" (quoted by Barlow). The occurrence of Raynaud's disease

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hull rmind that tlie hlund supply for eacli ll'O -jiaiiis of tissue in the

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fluid is generally somewhat turbid and contains cells which apparently have

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whole of the enlarged lateral lobe, sometimes only over the larger one if

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•-iiii' III' IiIiiikI ami (iriiic iiii' t'iill!iciiiii>i .'in :iii iiiiliriiliiiii nl' the wmk "I"

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tures ahove 2."» < '. Quite apart fr the liahility to incur errors in

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far into the bladder. In 120 specimens examined by us, 100 were of the

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till' slllillll. Wlllil tllC I'lllUN tVnlll the VCIltl'il'll' stops lit tilt' ('Mil 111' -

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persists and the patient may die of it, or there may be attacks of severe

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the well being of the organism. This prepared the way for the observations

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8 cm. in 60 per cent, of healthy males examined by them, wnile Schenk

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on ar.diliif in ^^hieh the s\ mpathetie chain had lieeii eut below the level

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This affects symmetrically the inferior epiphyses of the bones of the legs

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rubber catheter, which is now almost exclusively employed, is often difficult

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spliyjiuiie period, a .sinimiil ami then a ili rlliiiiii/ iinrfliDi. which is usually

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ened by delay, early operation is the treatment for chronic renal tuberculosis,

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in severe cases or severe stages, e.g., fever, hemorrhage, delirium, paralysis.

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simple atrophy the glands are more or less aiminished in size, and some-

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of a sxsteni of levels eniineeted vvilh a writing point arranu'eil so ;i>

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the cases with sciatica. The possibility of sacro-iliac-joint disease should

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times observed; Neusser has reported a case of pernicious anaemia; pseudo-

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amount, even of dark meat, is permissible. Broths of various kinds and beef

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peptic dii:estion pi eeds. Advantaixe iini.v he taken of tins fact t..

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that as the blood pressure raising action of digitalis resembles that of adrenin,