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disease, the abrupt onset of cardiac failure, or the occurrence of embolic

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should speak of such creatures as being at one time plants, and at

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[Abstr.]: Aerztl. Rundschau, Miinchen, 1898, viii, 373-

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coldness of the limb, is negatived by the presence of

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were tuberculous died at the ages of 31 days and 16 weeks. Here the possi-

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nearly all our minor organizations having a widely scattered

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Imagine a gentle slope leading upwards from a single line of

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cut. for considerahly less. My directions were to cut

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mortem findings and the result of bacteriologic examination.

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Other similar places are South India and Java in Asia, Columbia

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the principal benefit will be obtained by the administration of

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pital for the Paralyzed and E})ilc|)tic, etc., etc. With

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oeciir, l)at ollener a liquid containing bile is regurgitated ; uneasiness or '

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their conscience. These men deem themselves honest.

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knew of a fatal case in a child, three years old, whom there

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its flow and altered in character, the implicated ducts undergo dilatation

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from the Secretaries of County Societies or others.

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face. The eruption is usually i)receded by subjective sensations of a

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last remain intact. Thus lateral curvature of the spine, which probably

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mer one inasmuch as it is more concise and gives more

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and slowly disappars as the mental state of the patient

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and local soreness in the back, with frontal headache. The vom-

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fraction of civilized and savage peoples is thought to

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agnostic signs are still lacking. ter operation, and one fatal case not operat-

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a nascent form which is acknowledged to be most pow-

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In this case the doctor has given another undeniable evidence of sin-

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she had increased in weight. Toward the end of last year all

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is due to psychical disturbances. Raymond argues that if co-ordination

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placed himself, consciously or not, in contact with the cholera

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the facts substantially as set forth in the daily papers. The interviewer