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the action of bacteria. In the first class of ca*es the disorder

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Restraint serves to aggravate the paroxysm, while, according to Hunter,

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though considerable flatus escapes by the anus, the abdomen is

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Gustaf Von. DuberCt Treatise on Microscopical Diag-

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place in the more sensitive and delicate rear separately for himself, and can in the

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in the great majority of individuals by the auditory word-centre, as the

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solution of creolin for from five to seven days resulted in

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society were convinced that compulsory notification was pre-

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canal into the already infected peritoneal cavity can mean one thing

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associated in the different forms of central disease. And at

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1884-5" xi, 8-17.— Keiiss (L.) Les applications du g6nie

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hand, more or less inflammation, with serofibrinous or fibrinopurulent exuda-

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devise another method of approach in a more depend-

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highway on which the great caravan of bacteria£travel to

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radio, press, television, and many others, particu-

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by the diaphragm, causing an increased bulging of the abdominal wall.

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lated to the Regents of the University. Amend Article

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simultaneous or secondary infection by the well-known pyogenic

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especially are tubes of comparatively low vacuum, commonly

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New York, 1869, vol. i. p. 393) met with a case which was reported by

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control him, although pale and feeble in his looks. Occasional mania

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Dr. AxDEEW Wood said he did not know how many Durham

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exacerbated by movement ; irritability of temper, and general tendency to-

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drops of a 10 fo solution of silver nitrate into the tissues of

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■ giiatovski (N.) K ucheuiyu o mikroorgauizraakh krovi

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not appear to be uniformly increased in inflammation, as fibrin is. It has

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experiment which might be extended to other institutions for

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found positive in other conditions, e. g., ulcer. Bassler's and Kuttner's

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pleximeter and the solid tissues which cover the organs

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sleeping well. He had for a week complained that his wife's

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into typical epitheliomata (Ilebra, Lang, and others), and it is

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bers of the Montgomery County Medical Society of Pennsyl-

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like result. The converse of this experiment was likewise tried. Two