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destruction. It is difficult to prove that these enzymes are capable

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taken. Nor do we know any good reason why our Atlantic

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phery of the lens, near to which their eartremities

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able to tlie head and chest are less urgent. The disease assumes the guise

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fails to menstruate because she is unhealthy." Now, what

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face at all dorsallj, reduction must again be attempted. For if this

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more croup present. An injection of 400 units (all there was in this

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in the pregnant, and " heat " is hastened in the non-

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mentioned in the body of the paper or in a footnote.

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of the very old but most valuable remedial measures that have been per-

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contrary. A great deal has been said about fomites,

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the uses of particular remedies ; of blisters, digitalis, squills, sa-

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45 cubic centimeters of serum are injected. The pa-

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it solidifies on cooling and any bacterial growth would

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between lords and ladies, especially of the pall — a costly mantle of

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which has been bottled for some time is apt to decompose into free citric

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I hope to be able to show that this condition is the result

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monial will be given biu immediately after the inten'iew with

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from the prevalence of the disease this measure may be adopted

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hospital or private practice during the two years I have been in London.

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by exposure to cold and changes in the atmosphere, and by certain

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the connective tissue type of fibro-angioma, which, though intensely vascular,

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on the face. On the face, commencing on the nose, it spread

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most unpractised eye can readily distinguish them, which y^i

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of one of those incidental symptoms, or secondary consequences, I

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bos of the prof ession who send us inform'ation of matters of interest

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compelling a belief in superintending and directing mind, for

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Lithii Citras Effcrvescens (Lithium Citrate. Effervescing). Tab-

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symptoms. On the 21st day patient walked through house,

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phosphorus, chlorine, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, and iron,