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they bear different relations to the various structural

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2. The theoretical objections which have been urged against the ope-

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known. In a series of 986 cases of hydatids in man collected

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This is a volume of some 350 pages with illustrations. The

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There is no reason why a good thing should not be rec-

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this inquiry, because both drugs produce epileptiform convulsions in these

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palpable, in the latter condition is more movable and is less under the influence

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• This can be avoided by antiseptic dressings and by changing

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was discharged, cured, thirty-four days aher the operation.

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Joseph Rogers, the well-known Poor-law medical officer

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in the recumbent position, keep her in bed with a tamponnade in the

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relieved by elevating his legs. He died in forty-eight hours.

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irritated to varying degrees. To appreciate this you need only

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shall for the present, therefore, designate the sensations

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Fig. 6. — Diphtheria bacilli of the long variety.

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the diet must be a mixed diet from which all highly seasoned, spiced foods

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for they were already taxed for their support, and if

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handled or when he is put in his bath may be the only symptom. In other

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general opinion to be formed as to the merits of the remedy. Numerous

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most effectual means for the cure of tuberculosis, of

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suffering from a chronic irritation of the larynx with cough,

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so that the result was a balanced hypertrophy giving

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Thiersch's solution, solutions of sodium bicarbonate,

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lOh. 31m. This was done at 10 o'clock and 31 minutes A. M.

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cases fatal within forty-eight hours, the mortality falls to 15.76 per cent,

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on the patient's mouth so that he breathes into it«

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and charity practice is good for neither recipient nor administrator.

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and conidia (x 1,600); /. fully ripe conldium, showing delicate roughening of walls ( x 1,600); ^, h, J, swell-

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42-46.— Pincus (F.) Bin Fall von Blntung zwiacben

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tion, and that the body is hollow having an opening from below

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current infections, the greater number had urines of normal or

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observance the plan is cheap, and, from the illustration

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compressed. All of these symptoms arise, when the form and direction

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walls, the anterior wall, and finally the urethra are similarly curetted,

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or modifying the preceding symptoms, the following : Kigors or repeated

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perance among the lower classes.' He was then quiet and free