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in one of several fully recognised modes. It is obvious that the situation
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ably supported by M. SteUwag v. Carion, who considers that the increased
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as a possible medium of infection, but adduces no facts in
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may be substituted for the antimonial ; or nitrate of potassium,
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capsule stippled with red dots when deeply stained by
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is shown in a way one might almost characterize as diagrammatic.
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enlarged heart in one fetus There are, however, no adequate and well-controlled
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seem to be open to some objection. Turkish baths and vapour baths give
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York, in a recent paper on justifiable surgical interference in cerebral disease,
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at Guy's Hospital during the last forty years." The number
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proper to say the natural history of a disease, when the disease is allowed
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points as ditferentiation of streptococci by fermentation reactions, red and
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American Edition of Nothnagel's Practice — Diseases of the Kidney,
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Lenoir and Claisse report the case of a butcher who fre-
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