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tions that I gave in regard to the differential indica-

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ences such as would be of value in classifying could be discovered.

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present generation of surgeons could hardly realize.

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" It would be dealing unphilosophically," says Dr. il., " both with facts and

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superior quality of an infusion of hops imported from

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vagus nerve-endings in the heart. Whether the action upon

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choice, providing there is time to await its effect.

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For the same reason, instead of employing a syringe furnished with

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the Army, and will report at Washington Barracks for duty;

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Remittances of Money should be sent by P. O. Money order, bank draft, or registered

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from one degree to the other, as he may pass abruptly

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that there is any evidence to support the contention sometimes made

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worse as the years go on. Still, if there is no hemor-

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far into the pulmonary arteries. Abdomen : The liver was

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It could be to your advantage to find out how well the Army

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bility in the Early Stages of General Paralysis, By Frank P.

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the heart had not resumed its pulsation. After twenty min-

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a severe sprain. The sum of the injuries presented a

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single culture set positive. Therefore, one cannot always

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scope ; perhaps further research will demonstrate that canker is

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uted 84% of the cases in 1989 — only five systems re-

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number of steps and the rate of ascent to grade the work done.

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It has been observed that cooked milk coagulates with rennin more

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dice, pneumonias, and even cutaneous erui)tions, &c. &c. Now is it less

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If the history be not clear, lumbar puncture will settle the doubt.

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pervert the tone of this organ, or of the system. In

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of the most poisonous chemicals known, is harmless in small amounts,

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of a Teeniorhynchus fuseopennatus reared from the larva and

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crowns torn from heads which the guillotine rolled in the dust.

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Two borders, anterior and posterior, and two surfaces may

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purgatives, in the form of pill or bolus, followed by draughts composed

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In the vast majority of cases water-borne typhoid is contracted

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larged pharyngeal tonsil. It occurs most frequently in

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not his fault that the chapter on chronic catarrhal

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wishes in the case of his own child, who, at about eleven months old,

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